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Goodbye to the Gass

Of necessity, style becomes increasingly individual as the medium becomes a largely inexpressive and neutral one (unless it is employed by a committee, a bureau, an anonymous source, a corporate ‘spokesperson’, an advertising agency, a member of Congress, a general of the army; then the medium’s inexpressive and neutral qualities are exploited). -Habitations of the […]


Full of Gass #2: True Lies

Folks, if you’ve read any of this ridiculous and now vitiated weblog, you’ll have surely picked up on our steadfast and by-no-means-unique opinion that William H Gass is not only a living literary legend, but one of the greatest writers in the history of the sport. As a craftsman, he is meticulous; as a poet, wondrous; […]


our daily Gass

Perhaps it’s not such a good idea to mirror in the self a society systematically engaged in suicidal self-deception. Well said, Bill. And so sibilant. Keep an eye out for Eyes. from “The Origin of Extermination in the Imagination”  


full of Gass

And when some lines of yours have set another’s mouth to moving, making that sense with those sounds: is that not better than a kiss? Folks, you already how much the Literary loves William H Gass. Well, the good people over at NYRB Classics have released a new edition of In the Heart of the Heart […]


ad nauseam

An essay of mine is over at Full Stop. Enjoy. What Plato did not foresee, quite, was the degree to which the written word might become as anonymous as an assassin; how it might establish a vast industry; how words would appear along roadways and on walls and the sides of buildings, not written, but posted, […]


two things

Thing One I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard critics give praise for a novel that “punctuates the narration with moments of great lyricism”, or is “highlighted by moments of pure poetry,” or some such phrase. These and like statements are all over positive reviews of fiction these days. Giving a bit for […]



Here, because we have little inclination to write, is a list (our first): the twenty best short stories ever written (and read by us). Each of these are, in our opinion, absolute masterpieces, as in, not just flawless, as in, not just not a word misplaced, but also surprising, ambitious, incredible in the way they build […]


the HAG: Part III: Our Endless Numbered Days

Did the wine make her dream Of the far distant spring Or a bed full of hens Or the ghost of a friend? Best American Riverside Manor On the banks of the Shenandoah (in whose ablutionary waters we had recently bathed), sat this gorgeous specimen of old school American country beauty. Scene Most like a […]


the Literary’s Hot Asphalt Guide: Part II

Best Literary Birthplace We came within a hundred miles of Hannibal, but it was downriver in St Louis that the Literary finally got its idol-worship kick. The Central West End neighborhood on the edge of monumental Forest Park was once childhood home to Thomas Stearns Eliot and Thomas Lanier Williams. Both would change their names […]