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Against Capitalism Chat #26


Yet another article on the decline of San Francisco as anywhere anybody who used to live there would now want to live…

I realize I’ve already written enough about the tragedy of SF, but if I keep coming back to it it’s because that city was so rare and so hidden away and untouched and beautiful (I know, I know, but it’s true), it was something spectacular, and for the people living there now (not just for me, for them), it’s not. They’ve made it less than that themselves.

As have the companies they work for: companies who continue to label as progress what are only advancements in consumerism—cheap tricks based on new tech’s inherent ability to stay ahead of regulatory laws (Uber, Air BnB, etc.).

You can make an app to benefit the public, the economy at large, or you can make one to scam people. You can change a city in just the same way. In SF it’s become an economic social Darwinism. Change is inevitable, it’s our choice of how to apply those changes that should be acted upon with a conscience (didn’t we already go over this?).

It’s hard to believe the city will ever recover. It has never had such an insidious opponent. Earthquakes are easier to overcome.

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