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a report to the Academy


Folks, the Literary does not pay attention to the Academy Awards. However, because the coveted Oscar could and should be awarded tonight to one of our favorite directors for an incredible film–for a career of incredible films–we thought we’d say a few words.

Richard Linklater not only represents the best of modern cinema, he represents it from Austin, TX, that is, nowhere near Hollywood and its blandishments (emphasis on the bland). For anyone aware of the contemporary cinematic scene, this is an incredible accomplishment. Along the way, Linklater has made some wonderful films. It was only last year that Before Midnight–one of our all-time favorites–was nominated for an award (and didn’t win). This year, it’s six nominations.

We wrote about Boyhood upon its release. It epitomizes honesty over spectacle, subtlety over sensationalism, the conceptual over the technological. If we cared at all about these ridiculous awards, we’d say we hope it wins.

boyhood-richard linklater


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  1. Agree completely! When Waking Life came out years ago, I knew Linklater was one of the best. Glad to see him finally getting the recognition he deserves. And condolences should go to Birdman, also a great film, but with the unfortunate luck to come out the same year as Boyhood.

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