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They’re Winning


The final Walkmen concert is tonight (probably). I could put a list of links to youtube videos here but I feel you can do just as well on your own. For me, these guys were one of the greatest bands of our generation. From 2002 to now, six albums, a unique sound no one could follow: the guitar tones and the electric organ and Leithauser’s vocals. A rock band (like BSS) who didn’t shy away from the instrumental track (and strong instrumental presence in the other songs) like most of their indie brethren. Leithauser has a voice like a Bob Dylan/Lou Reed cross, and uses it in a similar way, just not as folksy, nor as narrative. His ability to yell (scream sometimes) on key harkens back to a punk mentality. Paul Maroon’s guitar is nearly sensual, crisp and evocative. Peter Bauer/Walter Martin and that Vox organ (Summerteeth-Wilco-esque), like a lullaby. Matt Barrick the greatest little drummer on the planet.

Watching videos of some of their concerts recently has been a treat. My favorite show from them was, I think, the first, in 2006 at the Great American Ballroom in San Francisco, just after A Hundred Miles Off was released. They literally rocked the small stage, Barrick pounding that small kit with all his might. “All Hands and the Cook”, from that album, is one of those you should watch online, an incredible song live. Also “Thinking of a Dream I Had”, my favorite from the second album, and just about anything from “You and Me” (maybe the best album of the last five years). Time to record solo records and raise families. These boys are getting on.



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