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Thoughts on Sandy


So much talk in the news about this, and as we’re in the thick of it now in NYC, I feel I should chip in… There are few things I really know about Sandy. (Allusive by nature, it’s easy to forget the facts.) But Sandy was a formidable, fearsome, well-built (a “perfect storm”), popular blonde high-school girl who dressed well and whom I was veritably in love with, for a time. She played soccer and I would watch her run and she had the posture of an ostrich. She wasn’t friends with anybody I knew except for one guy, and he wasn’t really my friend. But we knew each other. We were acquaintances. I can’t recall ever talking to her, unless calling out ‘Great play, Sandy!’ ‘Nice job! Hey, nice kick, Sandy!’ during games counts as talking to her. There wasn’t really too much to talk about. Mostly it was her face and sometimes her hair and her ostrich posture swirling around in my head for the long hours of the day. And in the afternoons especially. It’s like that in high-school. It’s very quick and before you know it, it’s moved on. Or you’ve moved on, I think is how most people say it. But for me it’s it’s. Anyway that was Sandy and I watched her play soccer for a couple months and she was in my head for a couple months more and eventually I guess she went off to college somewhere along the East Coast and never came back. Not that I keep tabs on the town records or anything but I’d know her if I saw her. I’m sure I’d know her. And I never saw her. That’s all I’m saying. I never really saw her.


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